Sunday, 6 March 2011

Solid as Spirit (part two)

A post by Madame

I don't remember getting ready to go outside; the next memory is more to do with what we said than any visuals. The day was going to be spent working in the vegetable garden, but we were talking about making our new feature, our ruined wall and folly. We were thinking about how we want to build it. One can make things from the mind, in Spirit. I think it may be the norm for building houses. Louis certainly didn't physically build our home; it's more like the expression of his spirit, and I don't even know how much conscious input he had.

But one can build or make things physically, much as one does here on the earthly plane, if one wants, and we talked about which way we want to do our “ruined” walls. Bricklaying needn't be the heavy job it is here (I wouldn't consider it if it were!) and there's something appealing about actually making, physically making, the wall, or at least its lower courses. The stairway turret (which is to form a sheltered seat) and the upper parts of the walls will be too high to make that way. I don't see scaffolding being part of our operations! But we can do the lower parts and then build “of the mind” from there. I said we could build physically until we got bored, but as Louis said, when do we ever get bored at Home?

We paused for lunch – just sandwiches – which we had out on the garden swing. It's the first time that's been used for a few months! Lunch gave way to a short nap, with Louis sitting up and me lying with my head on his leg. I got dumped at the end, though. Louis swung the seat back a bit and I fell out, but had instant revenge when I grabbed his leg and he fell over on top of me. Much giggling ensued, as you may imagine.

I don't remember much more of the day; we went back to our gardening and had a good soak in the bath at the end of it. And no, there were no hijinks in that bath. We had the energy to soap ourselves and flick bubbles, and that was it. The evening was spent quietly, reading in front of the fire, before we went to bed, and from there, I think, I probably drifted back to earth.

The outstanding moment of the day was a simple one, even more memorable than the silliness with Katie in the morning. We were standing, arms around each other, looking over our land, our garden. It was a joyous happiness – not laugh-out-loud, but full of excitement and anticipation and contentment combined. I had my head leaning against Louis's shoulder, and I remember so clearly the solid warmth of his arm around my waist. It was simply wonderful. Read the meanings of “simply” and “wonderful” and apply them all, here. That is how it was.


Dawn J said...

And no, there were no hijinks in that bath. - C'mon! It's in Spirit and you're that tired? Utterly disappointed. You two need to work on your stamina. (snicker) :-P

Madame de Monsieur said...

I dunno, a whole day working in the garden (this following hijinks in the morning, I might add) and she complains 'cos we need to rest ...

husnak1 said...

I can totally relate! Sometimes, after a very long day or especially after I've done a dance show, all Aaron and I do is sleep. However, we usually make up for it the next morning! ;-)